Quote of the month – April 2017

“Throwing words is easy. It’s keeping them that’s the real challenge.

It's Personal

An endeavor in the making.
A touch of memories.
An expression of experiences.

It's Creative

Representations of imagination.
Artistic entrepreneurship.
Excess energy to deploy.

A New Project

An enterprise in the making.
A bucket-list item : n°7.
Something to do.

Thank you

For sparing the time to see .
For sharing.
For buying ;-).

Meet Eden

A devoted organized, hard working Lady filled with great emotional sensitivity and self-awareness she’s not afraid to communicate to him…

Say Hello to Hera

A pretentious, sore loser, wanna-be-independent yet in constant need of supervision. An open-minded and hard-worker only when necessary…


A collection of apparels for her and him. Something to share what your state of mind is into at the moment…


A collection of drinkware, from Eden and Hera, to share that special drink while passing along thoughts of your state of mind…


A collection of fun bedroom or living room accessories, from Eden and Hera, to show your appreciation of simply share a tought…


A collection of bags about everyday scenes of Eden and Hera or to just carry those provisions or whatever you’re too lazy to hold by hand…

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